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PHP Encryption Class

Simple PHP encryption class to encrypt/decrypt data. Easy to implement and understand.

Submitting forms using PHP cURL

A tutorial on how to submit (POST) forms using PHP cURL. This technique proves to very useful when implementing payment gateways for e-commerce websites.

PHP cURL functions tutorial

cURL is a library which allows you to connect and communicate to many different types of servers with many different types of protocols. Using cURL you can download files, upload files, login to other websites and submit forms.

Five tips for PHP newbies

Five things you should do (or not do) when you are starting out with PHP.

eAccelerator based PHP hosting

Recently I signed up for a VPS plan hoping to try out my hands at managing my own server. Plus I wanted to use a PHP opcode cache like XCache or eAccelerator for my PHP sites.

Handling file uploads in PHP

Easy to follow tutorial on handling file uploads in PHP.

Truncate long string along word boundaries

Use this simple PHP code snippet to truncate a long text string along word boundaries. Very useful for displaying a summary with specified number of words from a long text.

PHP Pagination Class

PS_Pagination is a flexible and easy to implement PHP pagination script which can help you split large result sets over multiple pages.

Sending emails in PHP & email injection attacks

Learn to send HTML emails in PHP using the mail() function. Also learn how to prevent email injections or PHP mail form spam.

PHP FTP functions tutorial

Learn to use PHP’s FTP functions to create directories and files and change file mode. Also learn how to write data to configuration files in a more secure way.